Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekly 09 (unfinished)

There are many reasons I'm posting this unfinished. First I trashed a weekly after 4 days of work and started this, which was way too detailed and ambitious. So my bad on that. The most important reason why I did not simply put some random textures on it and applied tons of postpro to upload it anyway somehow, is simply that I really, really want to finish this one the way I wanted. Would really eat me up in this particular case if I don't. So I'm continuing working on this scene for this week. Thanks for your understanding o/

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

365 Days!

Hey you! I finally completed a full year of daily renders without leaving out a day or posting an image too late! Thanks a lot to the people posting feedback here and motivating <3 I'm super happy I did this! Well at times it was really a lot of hustle to get them done but overall it's really a great experience. Now I'd love to do weeklies instead for a year and maybe come back to everydays after that year. The reason is not that I totally can't afford doing daily works any more or that I don't like doing them, it's just that I love scenes and scenes love detail. I'd really love to do at least basic concept and look development, learn proper UV and texture painting and last but not least proper topology. So basically I'd love to do some more refined scenes and be able to build upon something. Having that extra time I will also raise the resolution to 1440p and most importantly add some sort of diary breakdown. This way I can look back on early days and what stupid decisions I've made and you got breakdowns in case you're someone who's interested in the technical aspect. Doing daily breakdowns will also keep me away from doing shit for a day or two. Together with the weeklies my goal for this year will be finishing at least one very good short and a small game. Sooo, see you next Wednesday o/